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Wilks Hearing Center is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our patients and staff.

We are following CDC guidelines and require face coverings for all patients and staff. Our appointments are scheduled to allow time to disinfect patient contact points between patients and allow no patient crossover. 

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Welcome to Wilks Hearing Center

Wilks Hearing Center has been helping people improve their hearing and escape the isolation that often comes with hearing loss since we first opened our doors over 60 years ago. Our audiologists are at the forefront of the latest hearing aid technology from most major manufacturers.  Our advanced training and experience qualify us to give you the highest degree of care and service which you deserve.  We take pride in our commitment to helping our patients hear their best!

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Hearing Loss

Estimates on hearing tell us that between 10% and 15% of the population have some form of hearing loss. Often, because an individual accepts their reduced ability to hear, the difficulty goes unnoticed and untreated. Unable to pick up some sounds and small, brief conversational cues, the person begins to alter their personality and outlook. Even more damaging, these lapses may be interpreted as signs of inattentiveness or reduced capacity. Of more concern, is the growing body of research, indicating the health consequences of hearing loss, including the increased risk of dementia. [Read the Johns Hopkins article.]

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Diagnosing Hearing Loss

Since 1952 Wilks Hearing Center has been helping people recognize and deal with hearing loss. Education, experience and integrity are the backbone of the Wilks Hearing Center's team record of patient satisfaction. Using the latest state of the art diagnostic methods, we help children and adults with hearing loss to enjoy happier, fuller and more satisfied lives.

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Located in Lawrence, Long Island, Wilks Hearing Center is one of Nassau County's longest established audiology practices, providing pediatric and adult diagnostic hearing evaluations and hearing aid fittings by licensed audiologists. Services include comprehensive hearing exams, digital hearing aids fittings, hearing aid repairs, tinnitus evaluations, earmolds and hearing protection. We represents most digital hearing aid manufacturers, including Oticon, Widex,  ReSound and Starkey.  Hearing aid supplies, batteries and assistive listening devices are also available.

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